How to Get Five Star Review From Buyer

How to Get Five Star Review From Buyer
How to Get Five Star Review From Buyer

How to Get Five Star Review From Buyer

Note:  Please do not want to be a five star Fiverr MarketPlace.Because talking about Fiverr reviews has been banned

We are less involved with those freelancing because of their headache five-star Feedback from buyer. After delivering the job, get the name of the author so that we can get good feedback. Many people can not move far enough because they do not get good feedback even after knowing the good work. Today I will say one way to get 5 stars from my practical experience. Hopefully, everyone will come to work.


But after a long time, when I entered the job, I could catch the matter. I used to do good work, the performance was also good. But I don’t get Promotion. A big brother asked me whether I want a promotion? I want to say. He said if you want, but the sir(Boss) knows that? I do not know if I do not know. He said you have to know more. Need to tell yourself the need to beware. When the overwhelm understands your needs, then you will be promoted. Soon I remembered my friend.


I understood the meaning of his words. Right from that day, I decided I would never be ashamed to get what I want. From then on, I started to tell about my promotion, whether it was in the face or by another, and through the work itself. I do not know whether to believe or not, after just three months of my promotion. But there were many more qualified candidates from me. From that day onwards, I do not have any shame in what I want.

So far, I understand the secret of my post. That is, 5 stars to the buyer will be required. When delivering the work, while giving the message, you will always need 5 stars. And beggars like to ask. Show you will always get 5 stars. Many people think that the buyer may feel angry etc. But the reality is that if you give 5 stars to buyer, there is no loss without profit. And the big evidence is that I myself. I followed this method and succeeded. So you will be sure to be successful.


For example, instead of 1400+ 5 star feedback on my profile, only 5 negatives (screen screenshot). Due to not getting the 03 out of the 5 negative negatives, we could not deliver the timely delivery of the work. And the two buyers were really bad: (So feel free to buy 5-star feedback, and 5-star feedback will be guaranteed, giving the template of a “Delivery giving the message” in the comments of the newcomers, it will be available in the first comment. I have to deliver a job to a new buyer It’s time to give this message, you can use it by editing a little bit.


“You are my new client. So if you like my work, then I am requesting you to give me a rating according to your satisfaction level, which will keep my profile alive.
If your are not satisfied with my work then, I will do your jobs until achieving your 100% satisfaction.”


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